The commentary on  Isaiah is unique. It grows out of  learning to understand  The Book of Job,
No where else will you find these clear explanations of Isaiah's words.
This page is part of , which is a site explaining The Book of Job
which is an allegory of Jesus' thoughts while he was trying to explain why God had forsaken him.
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 NOTE: These five parts make up a book. You should read the introduction to Isaiah before proceeding to the chapters. Follow the intro link above. Because of the great length, I have divided The Book of Isaiah into three parts. The Bibliography follows Chapter 66.

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This translation is basically the King James Version of the Bible, but includes changes in the text to replace obsolete words, obscure words, and generally make changes when it conflicts with the consensus of the majority of other translations, especially the Dead Sea Scrolls which are know to originate some 600 years earlier. In general, I found the King James Version significantly more accurate than any of the so called modern translations. Most of them made a literal translation when ever the Hebrew was obscure. Many times this resulted in the loss of the intended meaning , as you will see as you go along. This translation incorporates the best of the following translations.

The Revised Standard Version of Isaiah
The Jewish Publication Society of America Version of Isaiah
The C. F. Keil, F. Delitzsch Version (Volume 7) of Isaiah
Harmonizing Isaiah: Combining Ancient Sources
Joseph Smith's "New Translation" of the Bible
The New International Version of Isaiah
The Book of Mormon Version of Isaiah
Avraham Gileadi Version of Isaiah